There are different ways to partner with OurVetSuccess, the Triumph Games and Racing Heroes. As a partner, we will work together to identify avenues of motivation and action within your organization, build camaraderie and create cross-promotional marketing opportunities. But most importantly, we have a shared purpose: supporting our nation’s heroes.

Our military men and women never stop striving for success, so it was a natural fit to work alongside them as they set out to reach new heights. POWER employees know that when you put your heart into everything you do, you can accomplish any goal you set. It’s with that spirit that we are proud to be the title sponsor of the Triumph Games - Asher Raphael, CO-CEO

Brand Integration 

OurVetSuccess helps you strengthen and protect the value of your brand. Brands have become cultural and social, a collaborative expression of the organization’s mission and the experience of the community. Every transaction, whether it’s a sponsorship, a outreach program, our athletes wearing team jerseys, customized hospitality, is a part of that experience. We seek to utilize these opportunities to foster an emotional connection with our partners. End result: a long lasting love affair with your mission and your brand.

The Johnson & Johnson commitment to veterans and their families has spanned more than a century. Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, himself graduated from West Point and is a former U.S. Army Ranger. He also serves on the board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.