Triumph Games Mission

  • Bridges the military-civilian divide by inspiring and engaging broad audiences of Americans who know little about veterans or military service.
  • Provide media coverage and content that focuses on veterans’ success, character and triumph, not on loss and crisis.
  • Authentically tell remarkable stories that connect universally with civilians, enabling the conversation to continue past, “Thank you for your service…”
  • Leverage the power of mass media and technology to move beyond content consumption and into meaningful connections.

Lasting friendships are forged at the Triumph Games.


Veterans compete in Triumph Games as way to heal. TODAY’s Willie Geist profiles a group of American veterans who share their harrowing stories of survival and why they take part in the Triumph Games, a challenge that puts all their mental and physical capacities to the test.

The benefits of wartime camaraderie extend far beyond the battlefield

Watch last year's Triumph Games promo video... Now imagine your brand integrated with some of America's Finest.