Racing Heroes will capture the stories of four, two-driver teams as they take on 8 of the country’s toughest racing tracks, in 8 days. With some 4,000 miles of America beneath their wheels, these heroes will have their work cut out for them, as they race, travel to the next track, race again, travel, et al until the final checkered flag comes down. Emotional. Impactful. Riveting.


Pro Driver

U.S. Navy SEAL - 9 Years

Multiple Global Deployments

Founder, Ceo, Shadow Works Sports

Currently Sponsored By Chevrolet

Instructor At Bondurant Performance

Michael hansen

Novice Driver

U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Analyst

4 Deployments To Iraq & Afghanistan

Director Of Veterans Affairs

Power Home Remodeling – Named By Fortune As The #1 U.S. Workplace For Millennials


Pro Driver

Active Duty Naval Officer

Naval Academy Football Star

NASCAR K&N Pro Series